Attitude is Changing

John Mike 45 0

Many elders once told me that the rediation of using comuputer is so heavy,I did not think its side effect could really do my body a harm.However,theses days,I feel it and begin to know the reason why I did not think its rediation matters before.Because we regards the electronic equipment as the favourite toy which simbolizes the Pandora's box is opening under our handles when we operate it.But as we spend 16 hours from the 24 of a single day with our favourite PC and in the next few days(colud be a week concretely) ,we do the same so.Mabe you will own a profoundly different feeling as I got when you tried this,but I got something to say:if you spent the time with computer just for your work,and the phenomenon has already successively lasted more than a week even more in your reality,you are very likely to agree and understand the words thoroughly: Computer is the tool more than its part of toy.And we do not be those loving playing kids anymore,although almost everyone of us wannna be from the bottom of our hearts.But just as for myself,the days of using PC like playing the toys seems that it has aready gone.

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